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Hey there l am a Jo Burg Single lady. My name is Eunice and I am forty years old. However I am looking for a guy who is five to eight years older than me. My belief is that someone of that age will be more mature than me. A man who is ready to settle down and have a family with and also spend his life with me. However I want a guy with his kids and , I will give him. I am not here for scams or games l need true lover from the right partner.

 My expectations as a Jo Burg Single lady

I am looking for a caring man to give me love and take good care of me. A man with good qualities and also works hard.  I want someone who contributes financially as we help each other to build legacy for our kids.  However I don’t mind what amount of income you earn, effort is what I expect from you. Therefore a man who gives me time and understands how l feel. Also one who respects me and my personality as well? Father more a man with good qualities which brings directions

What do the Single Lady assure you?

Therefore I promise to love you and respect you as well as protecting you. Moreover as a good partner l will understand you and support you in everything you do or need. Again I will be loyal and honest to you. Some expenses incurred will be covered by me. I will respect your family and meet them as well. We will visit each other’s hometowns and spend time with our families. You will have access to whatever I own even my accounts.

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