35, Benoni- You deserve a fancy life. I can be your sugar mama if you SATESPACE me for my WhatsApp number.

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As A Sugar Mama I’m originally from Zimbabwe but I grew up here in South Africa. This nice body is something I inherited from my grandparents and also the pretty smile. You will see this more if you go on SATESPACE and scroll through my pictures.

I have posted enough of them for you to be fully aware of what I look like. I LIKE to eat but I’m vegan though. Even though I don’t eat meat, I won’t stop you from eating it and I will even buy your all the braai packs you need. You deserve it.

More About Sugar Mama In Benoni

Most Sugar Mama like to talk about the wealth when they come to SATESPACE but I won’t say much. In fact, I will only give you a brief summary of what I’m worthy. You are not reading the profile of some woman who’s just desperate for a man.

I’m a Special type that you have to be extremely lucky to have. I’m a diamond and if you win me your life will be sunshine and roses. All your problems will disappear and your future will be bright. Don’t waste time.

I want you to be clean though

I like clean guys, I mean guys who know how to keep themselves hygienic and free from dirt. You already look good, all you need to do now is take deeper crew care of yourself and soon I will be yours.

Be proud of yourself.

To win me easily, you have to be proud of yourself. I will see this through the pictures you use in your SATESPACE profile. If you don’t have pictures on your profile, to me it just means you are not confident of yourself and you are trying to stay hidden. You won’t want me like that, unfortunately.

I want to give you my WhatsApp number.

I can’t wait to talk to you on Whatsapp. Let’s exchange numbers on SATESPACE. All you have to do is come to my SATESPACE profile and greet me. I will talk to you and give you my Whatsapp number. Use this button to sign up if you don’t have an account:                                                  

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