Nothando, 35, Johannesburg- looking for a serious Zulu guys who likes to spend cash. Catch me On SATESPACE if you want my WhatsApp number.

Rich Sugar Mum Limpopo

My physical appearance

Most men tell me that I am the best woman they have seen in terms of beauty so Id classify myself as beautiful, at least according to tem. My skin is dark and smooth. In terms of hair, I usually have it tinted dark brown so that it matches my skin. You can check on my pictures on SATESPACE by creating an account. Words deceive sometimes.


Unlike most women, I am not that friendly. I rarely smile and I never frown either. Generally, I don’t just get along with anyone. I love people with a plan and that’s why you won’t see me just clicking with anyone I meet on the street. I am into people who make good decisions. You will know even more about this when we stay together.

My net worth

I don’t know if the word healthy is the right one to describe my situation. In short terms, I would say I have everything I have ever wanted including the money and the good friends. I am also the boss to many saloons here in my city. I just don’t print my name on them for privacy and security.

Type of relationship

I want that type of relationship where people are free to do what they want. You can go out with your friends without me and I won’t even complain about it. I will also deserve the same right though. None of us should get jealous about the other. My type of relationship shows a high level of maturity and happiness.

What I look forward to:

I look forward to us meeting and getting to know each other even more in real life and not just on SATESPACE. I already have everything needed for that it will come to pass.

Contact me on SATESPACE

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