Patricia, 35, Soweto-Money is everything, make me your single mama if you want some. WhatsApp number guaranteed on SATESPACE.

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As a single mama I am having a little confusion in telling you where I really live. The thing is: I wrote this while in Soweto but that’s  not where I am permanently based. I have mansions everywhere. I don’t know why I am so addicted to building houses. Ever since I became rich, I have never skipped a single housing opportunity. Now I have a bunch of houses that have no one in them. I could rent them out but the money won’t really make any difference to my net worth. Being rich can be stressing sometimes.

I am willing to register some in your name if you want to be mine. You can sign up for free right now on SATESPACE and we can start our long lasting relationship which we will enjoy for some time. This site and SATESPACE are public sites, it means anyone can text me and ask for my WhatsApp number. To make sure things work here, I am choosing my man among the three who text me first. I will consider the number of pictures on your profile before I can make you my Ben 10 so make sure you have the right ones.

Let me tell you what really turns me on in guys

HEIGHT- I know this is a cliché and everyone says is but it still remains a fact. If you are taller than me, be quick to contact me. I will be more than happy to reply to a SATESPACE message from a tall dude.

ZULU- A Zulu boyfriend has always been my dream. I can’t think of anything else. As long as you can speak Zulu, please text me in Zulu and I won’t hesitate to give you my WhatsApp number.

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