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I used to be a model single mummy in my twenties. The problem is that I didn’t wanna be famous. It really scared me to be famous you know. Many people could tell me that my beauty way supposed to take me places but I just didn’t wanna go to any places. What I wanted is to be the person I am today, to be crazy rich and earn while I stay going every day. Money tastes good when you spend it in your own bed without having to work up to go to work every.

If you become mine, we can share she of the things that I have. When we do our first WhatsApp video call, I want you to look closely through my house. You will see how much I all worth. I can’t say I am the richest woman around here but I promise you I am richer than most women around here. I want you to be my rich Ben 10 who drives me around town in a luxurious car that even the president himself can’t afford. We will be the best couple they have seen.

I consider a few things though before model single mummy date you:

Self presentation- I am not not going to be driving attend with someone who looks like a drug dealer. I want you to be able to present yourself really well so that we go for our international business meetings you will be ready for it. You dorrie look clean.

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SATESPACE is the only site where I feel safe to give out my WhatsApp number. If you look for me and find me, ask for it and I will give it to you. I’m not going to give my WhatsApp number to someone who doesn’t have pictures on his account though. If you want my number please post pictures on SATESPACE first.

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